Dermal Fillers Training Courses For Doctors & Dentists

Dermal filler treatments are currently one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures continually increasing in popularity year on year. Oris Medical dermal filler training will not only provide you with the knowledge to become a successful aesthetic practitioner, but will set you on your way to developing your name as a quality provider.

In order to succeed you must excel at the two main components of the dermal fillers course.
i. Develop knowledge of the ageing face and train your aesthetic eye.
ii. Learn the skills required to safely and effectively administer dermal fillers requested by clients.

Our introduction to dermal filler treatments, based around the importance of practical experience, is part of the combined Botox & Fillers course we provide to doctors and dentists. The course involves practical, hands-on training in small groups where delegates will experience treating live models. All course material is provided well in advance of the training day in order maximise content covered with the one-day course.

Our unique approach to lip filler training consists of plenty of hands-on experience and one-to-one time with professionals. Throughout the day we have models arriving at appointment times and delegates fit in plenty of practice. This means our trainees finish our courses bursting with information and full of confidence. We want you to feel ready to start treating paying clients the moment you leave.


Recipe For Success

During your practical day we arrange a full compliment of models to arrive requesting a wide variety of treatments and treatment areas. We ensure that every delegate will gain valuable experience with all of the following areas;

Nasolabial Folds
Marionette Lines
Lip Enhancement

These treatment areas are the most commonly requested and you should be able to administer these on completion of the course.

During the latter part of the day we do discuss other facial areas and treatments you may be requested at your clinic. It may be sensible for you to gain some experience with dermal fillers before you start providing these as a good solid foundation of knowledge and experience are vital to the success of your treatments provided.

Next Training Courses

£950 ex.VAT per course

LONDON 12th January - FULL
LONDON 2nd February - FULL
LONDON 16th February - FULL
LONDON 9th March - FULL
LONDON 23rd March (Advanced Filler Training) - FULL
LONDON 6th April - FULL
LONDON 8th June - FULL
LONDON 6th July - 5 places

Timetable of Practical Day

Unique Approach to Learning

By choosing Oris Medical’s dermal fillers courses you will be equipped with all the necessary skills to treat 95% of clients who walk through your door. The confidence and knowledge you gain from our courses will form a great foundation around which your business will grow and will provide you with the best chance of success.

The course concentrates on best practices and closely follows guidelines provided by manufacturers and the GMC & GDC.

Once your booking is complete, we will send you our online training material for home study. This includes written theory, video demonstrations and explanations of techniques you’ll be learning throughout the training day so you can familiarise yourself with the course material. There will also be access to additional reading and relevant information to further your knowledge.

Hands on Experience with Dermal Fillers

Our courses are held in small groups and run by fully experienced professionals. We also ensure hands on practical experience with live models so delegates can leave feeling confident enough to treat paying clients immediately.

All theory material is provided in advance so delegates can get a feel for the topics covered in the proceeding practical day’s training.

We understand that our trainers’ and delegates’ time is precious so we fit the itinerary into a one-day session and make sure each delegate receives the maximum benefit from our courses. Therefore, we choose to have a more proactive, practical approach to learning rather than through theory.

Our method of delivery is not the usual lecture-style approach either, the emphasis is placed on discussion where trainees are encouraged to ask questions and participate.

The Best Dermal Fillers Training In Association With

We work hard together with leading companies in the industry and use only the best products.