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Botox Training Courses For Doctors & Dentists

If you like doing things properly, we are the company for you. Oris Medical has a passion for perfection and we try to instil this in all of our delegates. Our Botox training course is part of our combined Botox & Dermal fillers course, which is designed to get you off on the right foot if you are new to the industry.

Offering a unique opportunity to qualified doctors and dentists, we provide the best in facial aesthetics training to those wishing to be successful in the industry. This is a rapidly growing market and is also very competitive in which only the best clinics/practitioners will survive – we want all of our attendees to be successful.

This course will teach you all the techniques necessary to get you off the ground with your new venture. Every aesthetic clinic in the UK is built upon a core of treatments and treatment areas, we will show you how to safely and effectively provide these and more.

Oris Medical has a wealth of experience, put this together with a team of highly skilled trainers, who are all practicing aesthetic doctors, we have created the ultimate training course and environment in which to learn Botox techniques.

Unique Approach to Learning

Our combined Botox & dermal fillers training course was born from the eye-opening practices we witnessed whilst trying to employ apparently qualified aesthetic doctors to work in our clinics. We were horrified that these people had learnt such poor, and in some cases dangerous practices so the decision was made to create our own comprehensive training course.

The resulting course concentrates on the best practices and closely follows guidelines provided by manufacturers and the GMC & GDC.

Once your booking is complete, you’ll be given access to our online training material for a home study period. This includes written theory, video demonstrations and explanations of techniques you’ll be learning. In addition there’ll be access to additional reading, evidence, white papers and relevant information to further your knowledge.

Hands on Experience – Get a Head Start

Our courses are designed to allow you to leave feeling confident enough to treat paying clients immediately. All theory material is provided in advance of you visiting us for your practical day’s training, therefore allowing you to arrive with a degree of knowledge and we press on with the practical aspect of training.

Our trainer’s time is precious and we want our delegates to receive maximum benefit from our courses. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to have your head stuck in a manual when you could be gaining huge amounts of knowledge from these experienced practitioners.

Our method of delivery is not the usual spoon fed lecture style either, our days are more discussion based where everyone gets involved and asks questions. This is a much better way of learning, especially with a room full of people on a similar thinking.

Recipe For Success

We concentrate our efforts on the most commonly requested treatment areas which account for 95% of clients. The practical day of training reflects what you should expect in your own clinic. We book appointment times for a full compliment of models wanting a range of Botox treatments. We ensure you will gain plenty of experience in these areas but we often experience a few surprises.

Crow’s Feet
Frown Lines
Forehead lines

We also cover these less frequently requested treatments;

Nasalis & Bunny lines
Nasal tips
Infra orbital Botox
Gummy smiles
Platysmal bands
Depressor anguli oris

Timetable of Practical Day

Combined Botox & Fillers

£950 ex.VAT per course

LONDON 12th January - FULL
LONDON 2nd February - FULL
LONDON 16th February - FULL
LONDON 9th March - FULL
LONDON 23rd March (Advanced Filler Training) - FULL
LONDON 6th April - FULL
LONDON 8th June - FULL
LONDON 6th July - 5 places

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