Advanced dermal fillers training

8 Point Lift – Advanced Dermal Fillers Training

As we all know, peoples faces lose volume and elasticity as they age, resulting in a tendency for the appearance of sagging skin to develop as time rolls on. Techniques of restoring volume and structure in the face to give support is well established and Oris Medical provide training in the art of delivering dermal fillers to create such results. Better understanding of bone structures, fat pads, skin degradation and patterns of volume loss offer you the ability to rejuvenate and beautify the face in a more sophisticated fashion.

Utilising recently developed techniques and the Vycross range of Juvederm dermal fillers, it is possible to revitalise, reshape and lift the face to achieve great natural looking result.

Unique Approach to Learning

This advanced dermal fillers technique will propel you ahead of the competition and stand you head and shoulders above in terms of the quality of work you’re able to deliver.

Once your booking is complete, you’ll be given access to our online training material for home study. This includes written theory material studying closely the structure of the face, how ageing affects this structure and explanations of techniques you’ll be learning.

Hands on Experience Delivering The 8 Point Lift

Our courses are designed to allow you to leave feeling confident enough to treat paying clients immediately. All theory material is provided in advance of you visiting us for your practical day’s training, therefore allowing you to arrive with a degree of knowledge and we press on with the practical aspect of training.

Our trainer’s time is precious and we want our delegates to receive maximum benefit from our courses. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to have your head stuck in a manual when you could be gaining huge amounts of knowledge from these experienced practitioners.

Our method of delivery is not the usual spoon fed lecture style either, our days are more discussion based where everyone gets involved and asks questions. This is a much better way of learning, especially with a room full of people on a similar thinking.

The Best Dermal Fillers Training In Association With

Recipe For Success

During your practical day we arrange a full compliment of models to arrive, we ensure that every delegate will gain valuable hands on experience.

The 8 Point Lift produces fantastic looking results whilst:

  • looking and feeling very natural
  • enhancing and lifting the structure, shape and dynamics of the face
  • smoothing the skin and in turn reducing lines and wrinkles
  • reducing dark circles or under-eye hollows
  • offering improvement in the jowl and jawline
  • returning skin to a younger more youthful appearance

The 8 Point Lift treatment includes:

  • cheek structure, volume and definition
  • nasolabial folds contours
  • downward smile
  • jowl area and jawline
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